Ideal Prototype

Optimum Series transfer

Product transfer at first hand When success is produced in series

After the design phase as well as the manufacture of the injection mould have been completed, the final and decisive step is an efficient transition to series production. Because only if the transfer of the design quality into the production processes is successful does the series production become a guarantor for your success. Accordingly, the transfer of tools or moulds into series production is one of our core competences.

Making injection moulds ready for series production

In order to serially produce specification compliant products in consistently high quality, we supply you, your production partner or your injection moulding shop with optimally designed tools or moulds that are perfectly matched to your production line and are ready for series production. All companies that focus on production and in turn supply customers with high-quality series products benefit from our series transfer.

Quality made in Germany

To this day, “Made in Germany” is regarded as a worldwide mark of quality in the art of building. That is why all the steps of our development and construction take place in our factory in Germany with probably the strictest international guidelines in quality control. In order to check the readiness for series production of the tools and moulds, we produce a pilot series or so-called zero series of your components. Once the product quality is ensured, the series is transferred to you or your producers. So you can rely on tools and moulds with uncompromising quality for the highest demands, even for production sites in third countries.


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