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When companies talk about themselves, it often sounds like a grey wall of materials and numbers. But companies are people, values, traditions and the common view of the past, present and future. Here we have briefly summarised our three perspectives for you.

The past

Old values in a new guise

Mould making is at the heart of our work and the prerequisite for every tool. Thousands of years ago, people were already making moulds from stone and casting filigree jewellery and tools, marking an advance in civilisation with every innovation. We still feel connected to this original idea today by designing tools that enable efficiency, sustainability and progress. The moulds, materials and methods have evolved over the millennia into state-of-the-art technologies, although the idea behind mould making is still the same.

The present

Proven precision with innovative scope

JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH emerged from the JUNGHANS UHREN factory founded in 1861. Precision is something we were born into and is clearly evident in the development and production of our precision mechanical (or electronic) components. Our precision injection moulds are used in medical, dental and precision engineering and ensure consistently high quality series production in the automotive sector. Furthermore, they are convincing in technical border areas that demand the highest precision down to the last detail – think of reliable clockworks. This experience, combined with a high level of expertise and modern plant technology, guarantees the sustainable quality of our tools – and your products.

The future

A breath of fresh air with new ideas

As a modern company, we focus on perspective in every respect. This means we are open to innovation, we plan for the long term with an eye on our location, on sustainability and on the people who work for us. That is why we also take care of our young talent ourselves and train people, for example as tool mechanics (m/f/d), specialising in moulding technology. You can find vacancies or training positions here:


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